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SSCHAPE Initiative

We SSCHAPE lives through:

  • Servant hood, Training, Mentoring, Motivation – for the community and youth (provide scholarships and opportunities for self-improvement).

  • Share the Wealth – training, seminars and follow up programs to teach individuals investing strategies.

  • Celebrate Life – event planning, mental health awareness, healthy life style promotions (mind, body, soul).

  • HHT Awareness/Advocacy – support training, testing, research for a cure in association with Cure HHT, Baltimore, MD whom Ms. Jones currently contributes blog postings.

  • Advocacy - ADA, Title VII, Disability - legalities of EEO, housing, and medical coverage.

  • Proverbs 31 School of Ministry/Development for the generationally poor and disadvantaged (men are encouraged and welcomed to attend).

  • Esther School of Ministry/Development for the lady and woman about God’s submission (walking beside not behind) her headship and the ability to save her family and community. Discovering best practices for existing in a spiritual realm of holistic Biblical foundation for true God-marriage, God-family and God-relationship (men are encouraged and welcomed to attend).


  *HHT – Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia.

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